Sunday, May 27, 2012

Oh me Oh my!

It sure has been a while. I am ashamed since this time should be a time where I post and share like no tomorrow.  Due to some unforeseen difficulties and complete artistic shut down, there hasn't been a thing to post. Right now I am back on track and hope not to be distracted by others and stress so that I can allow the artist to come back and be productive.

I must get my focus back and concentrate on that which I CAN do versus what I CAN'T do right now. I have gotten a large portion of my supplies out of the moving boxes and into the many drawers. I have no power tool to do the work I really want to do since it has rusted and died. But I can do other things in the mean time and there is much that I have done that needs to be documented and shared. Till that time comes, which will be this week... Doodles.......