Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was featured in the awesome site Recyclart.org. This makes me super excited since I love this site so much and get inspiration to do more than I already do from all the wonderful art that they post.

Here is the link http://www.recyclart.org/2012/08/paper-rings/

I've been super busy working on new things with paper and polymer clay. This September
I have an appointment to see if I can get certified as an Artesana (crafter) here in Puerto Rico. This is thanks to a new good friend who hooked me up with the appointment just as someone had done for her. So she paid it forward by doing me that favor, got certified herself and I am indebted for ever. I gotta organize my stuff and prepare my presentation. Here is where all them college skills will come in handy even though I feel like I am completely irrelevant as an Interior Designer but I can sure get Certified as a Crafter and belong to a a group of recognized Puertorrican artisans.

Here are some of the new things I've done recently.... Enjoy

I have participated in a couple of local fairs and will be participating in September...

I have been busy working out new ways to do my simple quilling technique to make animal pendants pins and rings...

Also I have made new animals to add to the "Smalls" collection. These make great little gift since they are so cute and irresistible... 

And lastly I had this table from and Ikea set my daughter has out grown and had chucked the top since it was filthy with marks. I wanted to put it out in the balcony and as I thought about what to do I remembered my records and this is what happened next. Reuse Reduce Recycle....

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Paper Rings

I've been busy, which is always a good thing but not necessarily a worth thing. Busy is a good thing for the creative and personal soul. I ask the heavens and I received what i needed: Passion and Peace. Which is why I have been busy building my lost passion and creating peace by crafting new pieces. Now the not worth part is that all I do is collect what I make since I have yet to sell much of anything. It is very satisfying to make these beautiful pieces and know I am doing something unique and not stagnating. But I need to find my niche and bring it to the public in order to make the full circle of creativity and productivity...

Now I hve been busy making Paper Rings. I strive my best to recycle as much material as I can. Paper has always been a source for my creations. I create wearable art made from paper. Its a simple process and the result is simple and beautiful. I make these rings out of magazine paper and will start to make them out of newspaper soon. Each piece is made with a pattern found from my collection of images I collect from magazines. No ring is like the next even if its from the same pattern page. I have yet to size them but I shall get to this soon. Each ring is waterproof since it goes thru several layers of polyurethane, which also hardens them...

Here are a few samples of what I have done so far...


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Oh me Oh my!

It sure has been a while. I am ashamed since this time should be a time where I post and share like no tomorrow.  Due to some unforeseen difficulties and complete artistic shut down, there hasn't been a thing to post. Right now I am back on track and hope not to be distracted by others and stress so that I can allow the artist to come back and be productive.

I must get my focus back and concentrate on that which I CAN do versus what I CAN'T do right now. I have gotten a large portion of my supplies out of the moving boxes and into the many drawers. I have no power tool to do the work I really want to do since it has rusted and died. But I can do other things in the mean time and there is much that I have done that needs to be documented and shared. Till that time comes, which will be this week... Doodles.......

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Taino Babies

The Taino Babies are back and with more variety. These I make out of polymer clay and after they are baked I paint on the designs. I have yet to find my book of Taino Petroglyphs since its still packed away along with all the rest of my art supplies. But I do have a hard drive with all my work which allowed me to find all the sources I needed. They have been brought back due to the sudden demand for them. 

 I did one event where in an hour I had sold out of these pieces. The buyers were kids and they wanted more and in more colors. This was my first event after so many years of trying and not having money to go to a craft show I have found a way in. After being called for another event I made more and sold them. This time I added some hair clips and those were well received. Luckily I have been called to another event next week which I am super excited for.

Here I am about to whip out my clay and other materials to make new babies and this time I will add a variety of earrings and rings. Here are the pics of the ones I sold.
I changed the original format of black background with white inner shapes, which allowed me to play with color combinations. The size of each is a plus or minus three inches and about half an inch in depth.

The end results are far more interesting that why I had done originally due to it having variety that can be matched with outfits and even the feelings for the day. I plan to make more of the originals just to keep those alive.

I also have worked on Taino Baby heads as pendants for simple necklaces and bracelets. There were also very popular with the kids. These are about the size of a quarter with floss necklaces.

The Barrettes were made using the same colors and faces but I added different patterns to add variety. They range from one inch to two inches long, perfect for holding back strands of hair.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Hey Gre do you want these?

That was the question I was asked earlier "Hey Gre do you want these?". When I looked at what I was being offered I said yep and took it out the throw away pile. What I took out was a stack of cream colored strips of  heavy weight paper. Their original purpose unknown to me but they smelled like stored books and now it was time to give them a new life.

My brain began do work as it always does, which I believe to be a form of sabotage to keep me busy and not doing probably more important things like memorizing the drivers manual. Soon enough I was planning my next build. Its a plus in the recycle scale and an awesome in the home decor scale. I got my materials ready : Glue, scissors, paper strips and cardboard box which I made into a cylinder with a base.

 Even though I had come up with the idea to make lamp, I wasn't sure how it was going to look or how big I wanted it to be. I began to glue the strips together and sure enough I knew what to do. This is what happens with most of what I make, its never planned in full since its guaranteed to mess me up. Its a process I have for as long as I can remember. Only in college was I forced to plan but those days are long over. After I glued a couple of strips more like 16 strips to be exact, I started to place them on the cylinder.

This is what I have come up with so far and when I hold it up to the light its amazing. Hope to finish this tomorrow and in the near future will have it hung right over my dining table.

Nothing is measured, its simple by eyeballing and it turns out rather nice.