Friday, September 10, 2010

back to work

I've been lost and stuck all in one deep dark hole with no artistic anything passing through my brain. But now I have recovered and all is back to normal more or less. Here is a new piece I made today...Enjoy

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pulp does a shrinkydink

After showing the Pulp Awareness plaques to a friend she asked if they were pins. The light went on and the ideas flowed. If I can make large molds I most certainly can make little molds. After a brief hunt in my kitchen I found my tools and began to make my little molds. Cute is just the simple word I use to describe them, they are 50 cent like mold that were soon to be adorning my clothes and hopefully someone else. These are the prototypes and there are more in the works. I had never though of the idea of making prototypes. I usually just make it and perfect it later but never considered making a test run. And now I have learned from my mistakes.
 The photo quality is not that great but its clear....Enjoy
 This is the newest Pulp Shrinkydink. A gift for a Breast Cancer Patient. The back says FAITH.
I hope it brings comfort in tough times.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


For a while I have wanted to do something for breast cancer awareness. not just the month of October but for all year round. Art has seasons but for my art its an ongoing event. While working with the pulp I used for mold making I began to think of something bigger. In the sense of mass production these mold are easy to make and in a week I can have up to 5 ready, if the weather conditions are favorable in the summer or if the heat is on high in the winter. I also used paper butterflies as the source of life in each piece.

I created these plaques a couple of weeks ago with the idea that they be perfect for a survivor or as inspiration for those in the struggle. Now I need the help with marketing them. I have posted them in my Etsy page for sale with 30% of the profits of each to be donated for breast cancer research.

The words used are basic words of inspiration and can be customized to ones liking.

I have also created two frames that will be posted soon.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mojo ran away with Muse

Is Mojo the same as Muse? Probably, but in my world they are separate but work hand in hand. A while back I had lost my Muse but still had the Mojo that makes me who I am.. Loosing the Muse that allows me to be creative is one of the worst things that could happen to me. It wasn't a gradual loss, it was from one night to morning event. I went to bed and woke up empty. Wishing I could do art, wanting to do art and I just didn't know where to begin. The time that passed was an eternity. My friend suggested wine, but that just seemed like a fake way to recovery. This was a loss comparable to the loosing a close family member. The emptiness consumed me and slowly started to kill my Mojo.

Suddenly one day I opened my eyes and realized  that I needed stop trying to waken the sleeping Muse and simply relax and wait. The time that passed which seemed like the biggest waste ever, allowed this over worked muse to rest, recover and renew itself. Just as it had vanished it reappeared in the early stages of my REM sleep. When I woke I was happy to know that I was back in business. But I then realized that I was so lost in my sadness that I had become useless. With Mojo and Muse back together I still couldn't create.

Im the process of waiting for my two M's to reunite I had lost my Will. With out the Will to work with my M's I had no reason or direction. So I wanted to create art, could create art and I had no reason to do it anymore. I began going back in time to where I was content making art, a year ago. Once I recovered that feeling and those memories I had given myself a reason to make art again. And so I have began a new line of jewels that will be posted in the next couple of day...

Happy? Not really but slowly getting there with the help pf my 2 M's and W.....

Thursday, April 8, 2010


These are done by hand and colored with either color pencils or photoshop. Enjoy

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My box, my box, my box...........Makes me Happy

After watching the beginning of "Designer People' in the Ovation channel featuring Jurgen Mayer the architect, I was inspired. The organic shapes and fluidity of his work is exactly what I was looking for with out even know I was looking for it. My choice in design and when designing is based on a feeling, Happy. Jurgen Mayer's work made me Happy, not some of it but the whole spectrum. When I create and design shape, colors and composition, is what determines the final product. At times it helps to define the function but for me function isn't always essential when creating the types of art I do.

This box's functions was already determined by the person who built it, but for me it wasn't a Happy box. After watching the bit of show it happened. I began to draw and painted the rest shortly after. 
Enjoy, because I did.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Acorn Creations

These neck pieces sit so well and so comfortably on the neck. They are warm and preciosas, made out of my beloved acorns. The setting is typical of the semi precious necklaces out now worn by the best of the best. That's all I can say for now since blogging with a 2yo around in impossible...Enjoy..........