Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Taino Babies

The Taino Babies are back and with more variety. These I make out of polymer clay and after they are baked I paint on the designs. I have yet to find my book of Taino Petroglyphs since its still packed away along with all the rest of my art supplies. But I do have a hard drive with all my work which allowed me to find all the sources I needed. They have been brought back due to the sudden demand for them. 

 I did one event where in an hour I had sold out of these pieces. The buyers were kids and they wanted more and in more colors. This was my first event after so many years of trying and not having money to go to a craft show I have found a way in. After being called for another event I made more and sold them. This time I added some hair clips and those were well received. Luckily I have been called to another event next week which I am super excited for.

Here I am about to whip out my clay and other materials to make new babies and this time I will add a variety of earrings and rings. Here are the pics of the ones I sold.
I changed the original format of black background with white inner shapes, which allowed me to play with color combinations. The size of each is a plus or minus three inches and about half an inch in depth.

The end results are far more interesting that why I had done originally due to it having variety that can be matched with outfits and even the feelings for the day. I plan to make more of the originals just to keep those alive.

I also have worked on Taino Baby heads as pendants for simple necklaces and bracelets. There were also very popular with the kids. These are about the size of a quarter with floss necklaces.

The Barrettes were made using the same colors and faces but I added different patterns to add variety. They range from one inch to two inches long, perfect for holding back strands of hair.


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