Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Origins

My early beginnings as an artist were in Puerto Rico they involved hammers, nails and scrap wood. I then graduated to masking tape, scissors and paper. And finally I began my masters in Multimedia once I moved to New York City. Living here exposed me to a world of availability, the art store trips were endless and fruitful.

Mostly self-taught, my formal training began in high school with explorations into printmaking, calligraphy and sculpture. Each new medium brought new light into the art world and woke up my sense as an artist. During this period in my life I took a few architecture classes which helped me decide in what direction I should focus on.

Once I made the decision to go into design, the question now was what type. Interiors have always fascinated me and living in the city was like being in a living library. I chose interior Design as my major in college and found a way to incorporate all my skills.

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