Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My box...my box, my box, my box...........Makes me Happy

After watching the beginning of "Designer People' in the Ovation channel featuring Jurgen Mayer the architect, I was inspired. The organic shapes and fluidity of his work is exactly what I was looking for with out even know I was looking for it. My choice in design and when designing is based on a feeling, Happy. Jurgen Mayer's work made me Happy, not some of it but the whole spectrum. When I create and design shape, colors and composition, is what determines the final product. At times it helps to define the function but for me function isn't always essential when creating the types of art I do.

This box's functions was already determined by the person who built it, but for me it wasn't a Happy box. After watching the bit of show it happened. I began to draw and painted the rest shortly after. 
Enjoy, because I did.

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