Thursday, March 3, 2011

Here Comes Saleen

Finally She has arrived...Saleen...Inspired by a spotted sea horse...The colors just came to me and began to work...Once a purple unicorn...Went through some priming, head and hair removal...Then a couple layers of paint...

I had some old hair of mine and I knew it would fit perfectly...Just like the hair on Shelby, Saleen would be part me...And it couldn't have been better imagined since the hair I had was green...The hardest part is getting that hair through the small hole on the bum...But once it was in it was glorious and perfect...

Then after a full day of painting dots I was done with the bulk of the work...So I thought, then I realized she needed a crest, not  a mane...And this on its own would be a even harder task...After some mental planning I began adhering the hair to the leather and soon enough the mane was dry and ready to be set in place...Saleen took what seemed like forever...But she is done and ready for her closeup...Enjoy

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