Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mojo ran away with Muse

Is Mojo the same as Muse? Probably, but in my world they are separate but work hand in hand. A while back I had lost my Muse but still had the Mojo that makes me who I am.. Loosing the Muse that allows me to be creative is one of the worst things that could happen to me. It wasn't a gradual loss, it was from one night to morning event. I went to bed and woke up empty. Wishing I could do art, wanting to do art and I just didn't know where to begin. The time that passed was an eternity. My friend suggested wine, but that just seemed like a fake way to recovery. This was a loss comparable to the loosing a close family member. The emptiness consumed me and slowly started to kill my Mojo.

Suddenly one day I opened my eyes and realized  that I needed stop trying to waken the sleeping Muse and simply relax and wait. The time that passed which seemed like the biggest waste ever, allowed this over worked muse to rest, recover and renew itself. Just as it had vanished it reappeared in the early stages of my REM sleep. When I woke I was happy to know that I was back in business. But I then realized that I was so lost in my sadness that I had become useless. With Mojo and Muse back together I still couldn't create.

Im the process of waiting for my two M's to reunite I had lost my Will. With out the Will to work with my M's I had no reason or direction. So I wanted to create art, could create art and I had no reason to do it anymore. I began going back in time to where I was content making art, a year ago. Once I recovered that feeling and those memories I had given myself a reason to make art again. And so I have began a new line of jewels that will be posted in the next couple of day...

Happy? Not really but slowly getting there with the help pf my 2 M's and W.....

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