Thursday, May 6, 2010


For a while I have wanted to do something for breast cancer awareness. not just the month of October but for all year round. Art has seasons but for my art its an ongoing event. While working with the pulp I used for mold making I began to think of something bigger. In the sense of mass production these mold are easy to make and in a week I can have up to 5 ready, if the weather conditions are favorable in the summer or if the heat is on high in the winter. I also used paper butterflies as the source of life in each piece.

I created these plaques a couple of weeks ago with the idea that they be perfect for a survivor or as inspiration for those in the struggle. Now I need the help with marketing them. I have posted them in my Etsy page for sale with 30% of the profits of each to be donated for breast cancer research.

The words used are basic words of inspiration and can be customized to ones liking.

I have also created two frames that will be posted soon.

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