Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pulp does a shrinkydink

After showing the Pulp Awareness plaques to a friend she asked if they were pins. The light went on and the ideas flowed. If I can make large molds I most certainly can make little molds. After a brief hunt in my kitchen I found my tools and began to make my little molds. Cute is just the simple word I use to describe them, they are 50 cent like mold that were soon to be adorning my clothes and hopefully someone else. These are the prototypes and there are more in the works. I had never though of the idea of making prototypes. I usually just make it and perfect it later but never considered making a test run. And now I have learned from my mistakes.
 The photo quality is not that great but its clear....Enjoy
 This is the newest Pulp Shrinkydink. A gift for a Breast Cancer Patient. The back says FAITH.
I hope it brings comfort in tough times.

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