Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Barbie hired an Interior Designer

I've been working on a house. My biggest project to date, and the most exciting one. I am working on my daughters barbie house. The house was originally my barbie house from when I was a wee bit. My mother kept it for her future gran-daughter and luckily I gave her one. The houses decor was a bit out of style and dated so I decided to revamp the place and add a couple of modern touches. This is what it used to look like when I played with it. This house is four feet long and tree feet tall, its amazing and I am glad my mother kept it for all these years.

The plan was to work right on the original walls and paint the structure purple which is the child's favorite color. I must say that purple has never been my fave color. I don't even own anything purple beyond paint and nail polish, but the child loves it to death and it has grown on me somewhat. After much objection from the grandma and grand aunt I decided to purchase boards and save the old parts for memories sake. Three  boards later I had the parts cut out and the Interior Design of the place was set in motion.

While packing a couple of months ago I decided to leave my magazine collection behind due to its weight and practicality. Most were Architectural Digest and Interior Design magazines with a couple of fashion on the side. Out of my large magazine collection I made another smaller collection of "pages of interest". These "pages of interest" were those pages with patterns and designs that I would use for future art works. Once I located this collection I began picking out patters and colors and planing out each room for the mansion. Carpet patterns, wall papers, clocks, and windows were the direction I was going.

With each piece cut I began to interior decorate, and this is my progress...
Bedroom and Kitchen

   Den, Living-room, Bathroom (top corner)

The purple of the house supports is leaning more on the blue side but it looks great and works with my choices for the interior. I am almost done with putting it back together with the exception of the foyer and the main doors which needed some repair. Here is what it  look like right now while it waits to be finished.

The exposed parts that have been painted are double coated with paint and clear coat so that when the little bit gets her hands on it she wont scratch the paint off. Tomorrow the finishing touches will be added and this Mansion will be done and wrapped with black bags to hide it till Christmas. I am extremely excited to have done this project, I think I should approach Mattel...


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