Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rolled Paper Bowls

Experimenting and trying out new things keep me going as an artist and as a recycler. I always wanted to make paper bowls like I would see online. I had tried the decoupage-paper mache way and it was time for something new. Three magazines later and some tacky glue I was on a my way to making my bowls. The fist has been the best as so far since I was just an experimentation to see how the rolled paper worked with the glue. 
Turns out to be a lot of work but the end product is very nice.

Its great for fruits or treats or a place to keep the house keys.

After this bowl I was on a roll and proceeded to work with news paper and try out smaller bowls and coasters.  I also tried another shape and added some color and Taino designs.

Once I had mastered the paper and all that rolling I tried another way of rolling the paper. By making long ropes of the rolled paper which I then coiled and pulled up to create bowls with less symmetry.

 So far I have recycled six magazines and two newspapers
and created some nice Decor in return.



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