Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pines and Oaks blooming flowers

All it took was for one glimpse at a Martha Steward commercial and I was instantly brain storming about when and how to begin this new project "Pinecone Flowers"... The following days I had not time...Finally one Friday when it wasnt so cold, I packed the Little Maniac and pups and went straight to the park to find the pine trees... I remembered from the summer that some one had built circles on the ground with pine cones right under the pine trees...But right now most of that was under 6" of snow so I was hoping the trees has let loose a couple of cones that were waiting for my arrival...Seemmed like a mission to get up there but we finally made it...I summoned my assistant from her snow playing and asked her to collect pine cones with me...As we collected I wondered how I was going to construct flowers out of these pine cones...after the bag was full which was more than i expected to have we continued out trek through the park...We ended up at this rather old tall pine tree which gives the tiniest cones I have ever seen and collected but a few of those...

After a couple of days I began my little project...Peeling one by one each pine cone gave out  many petals for these flowers I was planning on building...Maybe I have even collected too many cones...How am I supposed to put these together? At what speed can I do this? Which glue?

Wood glue has never been my favorite but for these little flowers its perfect...It dries fast and that's what I needed...Instant gratification considering I've been making things that take forever recently...Made a couple of prototypes just to get the feel for it and here is the final product...One of six I've made...These will be gifts to help promote..........

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