Sunday, April 17, 2011

And last but not least Steeda

The last of the pony of the sisters...Steeda is covered in blue butterflies...Looking like she is about to be taken away into flight far far away...Blue being my fave color I had to just do what was natural and run with it...It took me a while to come up with what to apply to her but as always it was spur of the moment...I had bought the little butterfly puncher and wondered when I'd use it... As I looked at my last pony it came to me...

Paint her in three shades of blue and then cover her in 3 more shades of butterflies...That black her is part of my moms cut from before...I did get lazy when it came to her mane and just covered it in butterflies...I guess to save me from any more work with hair and glue...Which can be tedious if you ask me...So here she is in her Blue Glory...Enjoy

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